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A Hindu by birth and an Atheist by choice. An electronics engineer by education (or the lack thereof, but I blame the whiskey, really) and a programmer by vocation. A reader by addiction and a writer by compulsion. I'd like to be a nice person, and sometimes I am. I'd like to be sociable, and sometimes I am. I'd like to be Hemingway, but I'm still not. Waiting for the world to change, so I no longer need to - and so I can claim the credit. Cheers, folks. Worship me, for I can be a tolerant god and will accept beer in lieu of virginal sacrifices. ;-)

Twiddling Your Thumbs – The MKV Thumbnail Problem in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Lucid is a marvelous OS. Thought I should just come out and say it. It’s a gem of an OS – fast, stable, works with almost anything out-of-the-box, and to top it all off, an LTS release – meaning … Continue reading

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Back To 1^2 !

Back to work! Continue reading

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Ian Tregillis – Bitter Seeds, a review

On 23rd October, 1920, three children found their destiny. A Gypsy girl taken into the ‘care’ of a German doctor, a stepping stone in his vision of a road to humanity’s greatness. A young boy searching for food in a … Continue reading

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Review – D M Cornish’s Foundling’s Tales (aka Monster Blood Tattoo)

A review of D M Cornish’s Foundling’s Tales, a new young-adult fantasy series. Continue reading

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Hope main (Post) { printf (“Hello World!”); return new Hope( ); }

The latest edition of my blogs scattered over the years… Continue reading

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