Back To 1^2 !

Huh, a full bloody month of teaching – my insides feel like mush. Anyway, after 5 grueling weeks of teaching C++/UNIX to bright-eyed young’uns (no, really!) I’m back from Trivandrum – to work fun and mayhem again over the unsuspecting city!


Anyway, seems like what people believe – that teaching helps the teacher to learn new facts and nuances of the subject – are, well, true. (Gasp! Deep has fallen prey to conventional thinking! Is there no end to this corruption?!) I’ve certainly learned a lot – mostly about threading and templates – while trying to dodge the questions the guys and gals were asking with oh-so-innocent faces (hit some of them for sixes, though 😉 ). But really and truly, I need more coding experience.

To that end, my new resolution – another read of Stroustrup’s C++ book, as well as a thorough read-up on design patterns. Java or .NET can wait, I want another step towards the (admittedly little-envied) position of a C++ guru.

Office starts tomorrow. I guess I should be glad – back to the routine, the familiar faces.

Huh. As if.



About inkthief

A Hindu by birth and an Atheist by choice. An electronics engineer by education (or the lack thereof, but I blame the whiskey, really) and a programmer by vocation. A reader by addiction and a writer by compulsion. I'd like to be a nice person, and sometimes I am. I'd like to be sociable, and sometimes I am. I'd like to be Hemingway, but I'm still not. Waiting for the world to change, so I no longer need to - and so I can claim the credit. Cheers, folks. Worship me, for I can be a tolerant god and will accept beer in lieu of virginal sacrifices. ;-)
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