Hope main (Post) { printf (“Hello World!”); return new Hope( ); }

Huh, so this is it. Another missile aimed at the blogosphere hovering above. Another channel like so many others probably destined to devolve into a charnel house of ideas best left forgotten…

But that’s all in the future, isn’t it? Who knows, another turn of the wheel… and things might be better than even they once were… and here and now, we. Are. Alive! 🙂

Optimism. There just isn’t any end to it, is there?

See you around. It’s time to move forward, into the future – one hopeful second at a time…


About inkthief

A Hindu by birth and an Atheist by choice. An electronics engineer by education (or the lack thereof, but I blame the whiskey, really) and a programmer by vocation. A reader by addiction and a writer by compulsion. I'd like to be a nice person, and sometimes I am. I'd like to be sociable, and sometimes I am. I'd like to be Hemingway, but I'm still not. Waiting for the world to change, so I no longer need to - and so I can claim the credit. Cheers, folks. Worship me, for I can be a tolerant god and will accept beer in lieu of virginal sacrifices. ;-)
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